Social Media Analysis Research Group

Social media is a reflection of the human society. It provides us with accessible resources to research social interaction patterns of individuals. To better understand individuals, society, and their connections, SMART (Social Media Analysis: Resource and Technology) Group is formed by a group of research staffs and students from the Department of Computing (COMP), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Our mission is to develop computational methods to learn from user interactions on social media and offer effective methods to allow easy communications. To that end, we focus on developing innovative algorithms and technologies for social media analysis, understanding user behavior and their communications through languages. Diverse aspects of social media languages are under exploration, such as social emotions, conversation discourse, discussion topics, and so forth. Here are some exciting projects we are working on:

    ・Online User Engagement Modeling, led by Zexin Lu (ACL2021, SLT2021).

    ・Social Media Language Understanding in Dynamic Environments, led by Yuji Zhang (EMNLP 2021).

    ・Multimodality Learning on Social Media, led by Chunpu Xu.

    ・Pre-training for Social Media Language Understanding, led by Hanzhuo Tan.

    ・Doctor Recommendation on Online Medical Forum, led by Xiaoxin Lu, and Yubo Zhang.

    ・COVID-19 event analysis on Twitter, led by Yuxuan Zhu.

    ・Fake News Detection on Social Media, led by Jiarong Yang.

    ・Cantonese Language Understanding, led by Rong Xiang, Hanzhuo Tan, and Zhenhong Zhang.